Trailer Wires Package Construction Directions for Land Rover LR4
Trailer Wires Package Construction Directions for Land Rover LR4

Pertains To:

Item: VPLAT0013ABP Fits: LR4

We have specially-developed this truck wires bundle for LR4 motors. This package effortlessly changes your own Rover wiring connect to either a regular 'Flat 4' united states spec plug or 7-way connect (both connectors included!). Our high quality harness packages were reliable and value a fraction of the genuine models. They function a rubber plug cap to guard the surface truck connect from details and easy plug-and-go installation suggests they can be installed within a few minutes.

Components incorporated into KitVPLAT0013ABP:

  • 4 ea. M5 x 0.8mm x 40mm device screws
  • 1 ea. YMZ500770ABP funnel with truck fittings
  • 1 ea. YMZ500502ABP use with automobile connectors
  • 5 wire ties
  • Information
Resources Required For KitVPLAT0013ABP:
  • Phillips Mind Screwdriver
  • 10 mm wrench

Setting Up Process:

1. take away the left taillight set up by removing the 2 screws. The tail light will pull-off. (See photo1)

2. eliminate the Trailer Connector Access screen. (identify photo2)

3. The VPLAT0013ABP Wiring funnel comes in 2 areas. One spend the connections that connect in to the truck, and also the second spend the connections that connect to the car.

4. Take the spend the the trailer connectors and supply the utilize through the beginning when you look at the bumper (the opening from the left). Maneuver the trailer connector through orifice. (It may take some twisting and moving, however it will fit.)

5. protect the connector together with the 4 screws given. (discover image 3.)

6. Remove the accessibility panel into the remaining rear associated with the luggage area of the car in order to find the two gray connectors toward the top of the available place and the spherical black colored grommet toward the bottom. (See image 4 and picture 4a.)

7. The gray fittings take place set up by 2 "dummy" connectors. Extract both of the connections off their mounting brackets and take away the "dummy" connections. Take away the rubberized grommet besides. (discover photo 5.)

8. Pick a second rubberized grommet behind the end light construction and take off they. (read photo 6.)

9. nourish the wires use together with the automobile connections through 2 openings in car, ensuring the grey fittings that may plug in to the vehicles are dealing with toward the interior. (discover picture 7.)

10. as soon as wire is how through both of the openings for the automobile, press the grommets into location.

11. connect the 2 grey fittings of the trailer wires use to the grey plugs with the automobile harness and break into put on the brackets.

12. eliminate the addict from the grounding stud (10mm) and protected the band lug in the trailer wires utilize to the stud. Safe the funnel for the automobile because of the fir-tree cable tie-on the utilize.

13. get rid of the extra tire, which means you have actually space to operate the cable tv under the vehicles.

14. Run the cable tv across the opening beneath the car immediately behind the bumper and steer the conclusion aided by the connector such that it comes out inside orifice the place you removed the end light system. (read photograph 8.)

15. as soon as you is able to see the fittings in the area behind the tail light (See pic 9), link these to the use which you given from inside the vehicle. (See picture 10.)

16. Make sure that the connections are completely seated (you should listen to easy if the connections is completely involved). Push the white plastic locking tabs toward secure the connections. (See image 11.)

17. Wrap these connectors using foam provided so they don't rattle around in the region below the end light installation.

18. Secure the trailer connector use underneath the automobile aided by the fir-tree cable tv wrap as observed in picture 12.

19. examination the installation.

20. Reinstall the free tire, tail light system, trailer accessibility section therefore the accessibility section inside remaining rear from the products area of the automobile.

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