Alisha is currently running Asia’s first TV on Women’s Wellbeing HerNet TV. HerNet is Asia’s first TV on Women’s Wellbeing. It was launched in 2019 with the Vision: “DISCRIMINATION FREE HARMONIZED WORLD FOR WOMEN” Goals: The SDG goals explain how to affect HerNet’s business. HerNet is committed to meet UN declared SDG 2030. It focuses on Women’s Rights, Women Empowerment & Human Rights for the deprived discriminated-&-underprivileged. Thus dedicated itself to aid in building a better, just community of Women, third gender, children, minority, etc. Serving Community through Wellbeing TV prog for women. Types of Product/Services: Education, Training, Counselling, Success Story, Skill Development, Events, CSR etc.

Alisha is an entrepreneur, industrial merchandiser, film producer and former actress, Alisha Pradhan has gained a myriad of experiences from an early age. (She joined the family group of businesses at the age of 15). Upon returning from USA after her IT diploma in 2017 Alisha joined Globe Pharma Group in the FMCG sector to gather corporate experiences. Her leadership quality, perseverance & communication skills have led her to work in numerous fields with ease & she plans to continue to contribute to her birthplace through her new endeavor HerNet Group.

Involvement in other social work: She is also the Director of Global Chamber Bangladesh (which operates in more than 100 countries to build bridges for global corporates & entrepreneurs. She breifly worked as member of Zonta, a platform advocating for women’s rights. The desire to do something for her country’s culture and female artisans prompted to make her to join Bangladesh Heritage and Craft Foundation as a General Secretary in this Foundation from 2018-2019.) A rebel by nature, Alisha has ventured into many different and contrasting fields – starting from business, media, and social work- deep down serving her truest calling as a patriot, through these fields.

Alisha is still involved in many-social work through HerNet Foundation. A few of her initiatives include serving the necessary food, clothes, medicine, mask, hand sanitizer, and information during covid. It is imperative to explore the potential of women from the grassroots level. one thing I know there are millions of girls out there who are more qualified than us, We need to reach out to them and emphasize to explore their full potential and this will surely lead to the economic development of many countries." Hence to shed strategic light to those women and empower them with an unprecedented empowering platform like HerNet TV is my only goal" stated alisha in one of her  interviews in daily observer.

Women are dominated in our society that's why HerNet was formed.

year after launch of HerNet,  we have witnessed changes in the community in terms of women empowerment. Most of our society was quiet regarding the matter of gender equality but it became a general interest with the working sector and successful organizations and individual to shed lights and proactively work for women and underprivileged community. with HerNet TV's leadership and initiative and programs  gender equality became a common norm to fight for and support even with the youth group of Bangladesh.

HerNet TV was the first to hire third gender as program host, producer , reporter and performer. That changes the way every Bangladeshi looked at third  gender and later many satellite tv, companies went ahead with hiring third gender community people. HerNet hosts programs on unspoken  issues like child marriage, birth control, sexual education, self defense , adolescent issues , mental health , old home , freedom of choice of work -dress, challenging legislators and policy makers  etc. Social events and gathering has also changed when HerNet TV launched hi teas and events with educated and elite  community to stand for social causes with demonstration such as Celebrating social Causes with HerNet' (the news is attached. )

We hosted the first big gala event for Empowerment in 2021 and trend of recognizing and awarding the unsung female leaders and org and men who contributing in women Empowerment. This event was called WOMENS RETREATS AT RADISSON HOTEL WITH HERNET TV. Each and every such programs and initiatives were the sole idea, conceptualized and supervised by Alisha Pradhan.  But my core and biggest goals are yet to achieve which are; Launch HerNet TV in more than 50 countries to spread and voice women's Wellbeing and support sdg 2030. Launch new era schemes to bolster and support better education for underprivileged and needy. Launch unprecedented schemes to help thousands of  legal battles and health and mental issues and problems for masses specially in under developing countries.

I stand committed to work together to bring gender equality and 10 other SDG goals through HerNet TV and Foundation both. Build next generation female leader for an equal world and equal better future for all. All these initiative to be broadcasted on HerNet tv thus simultaneously archiving and documenting solution based initiatives. Make HerNet TV a one stop solution and voice platform for underprivileged and needy women.