Alisha  is the founding CEO of  Asia’s first TV on Women’s Wellbeing HerNet TV. It was launched in 2019 with the Vision: “DISCRIMINATION FREE HARMONIZED WORLD FOR WOMEN”

Alisha is an entrepreneur, industrial merchandiser, film producer, and former actress, Alisha Pradhan has gained a myriad of experiences from an early age. (She joined the family group of businesses at the age of 15). Upon returning from USA after her IT diploma in 2017 Alisha joined Globe Pharma Group in the FMCG sector to gather corporate experiences. Her leadership quality, perseverance & communication skills have led her to work in numerous fields with ease & she plans to continue to contribute to her birthplace through her new endeavor HerNet Group.

Involvement in other social work: She is also the Director of Global Chamber Bangladesh (which operates in more than 100 countries to build bridges for global corporates & entrepreneurs. She briefly worked as a member of Zonta, a platform advocating for women’s rights. The desire to do something for her country’s culture and female artisans prompted to make her join Bangladesh Heritage and Craft Foundation as a General Secretary in this Foundation from 2018-2019.)

A rebel by nature, Alisha has ventured into many different and contrasting fields – starting from business, media, and social work- deep down serving her truest calling as a patriot, through these fields.

Alisha is still involved in much social work through HerNet Foundation. A few of her initiatives include serving the necessary food, clothes, medicine, mask, hand sanitizer, and information during covid.

It is imperative to explore the potential of women from the grassroots level.
"one thing I know there are millions of girls out there who are more qualified than us, We need to reach out to them and emphasize to explore their full potential and this will surely lead to the economic development of many countries." Hence to shed strategic light to those women and empower them with an unprecedented an empowering platform like HerNet TV is my only goal" stated Alisha in one of her interviews in the daily observer.

Alisha received many awards/Recognitions in 2021 for her contribution to women's wellbeing.
She stands committed to Build next-generation female leaders for an equal world & an equal future for all. All these initiatives to be broadcasted on HerNet simultaneously, thus Making HerNet a Global Voice for Women's Wellbeing.


What makes Alisha Pradhan unique ?

In Plain words, Alisha Pradhan is a beacon of hope for a country like Bangladesh or beyond. Her unnerving courage to serve for what is right is a catalyst of change in our society, which is supported by her actions, initiatives. She is one of the rare leader of our country who started career at the age of 14 and by 28 she has achieved many things and has also pioneered many great ideas and business ideas for the community. She had also gain popularity as aactress and Media personality of Bangladesh,

She is again one of the rare celebrity of Bangladesh who has no scandals or negative image, she is respected and admired by many people for her contribution in the showbiz and film world of Bangladesh.

She won multiple award nationally and internationally as debut film actor, model and host. She has always been politically conscious and a firm advocate of political advocacy

Since her childhood, she is known for her undying love and dedication for the father of the nation of Bangladesh “Bangabandhu”. Her such caliber and political voice has been heard 100 times mostly through her live webinar show dur theke kache “United in isolation” which is the first live webinar of Bangladesh during covid lockdown, launched in March 20, 2020. This webinar has later inspired millions of Bangladesh to start their own live webinar many directly guided by Alisha, it ranges from mass satellite, digital media, organization, influencers , professionals , individuals etc.

Alisha is known as a writer. Here is the link of couple of articles written by Alisha Pradhan, which proves her inner intellect and research capacity. This article also exhibit her  philosophical reflection at the same time leadership quality who knows how to challenge norms and think deep more than meet the eyes.

She is known to embrace anything and everything as long as it has goodness and humanity in it , she counseled many women , children. She has made HerNet TV a tool to support anything and everything that can be connected to women and also many man led initiative where HerNet would hold men accountable and also a partner for women wellbeing, in such circumstances She designed collaboration for HerNet Tv  with 100 events as media partners and many more in association with thus spreading the words for women’s right and empowerment. People look upto her action and most importantly she can do things if she sets her mind on. This creative mind need more collaboration and recognition from platform like yours and sky would be her limit.

Ways Alisha pradhan has exemplified responsible leadership

As a teenager she has proven her business leadership capacity by being the younger industrial merchandisers and negotiating with the biggest industry of the world, her capacity as a branding guru is proven at an early age where she was the marketing director of petals spa salon, the first unisex spa salon of Bangladesh, where she would market the spa and endorse with a beauty pageant and tv shows which was still a new concept in 2007. Her role as a film actor and producer has also its impact as a philanthropist where she supported many underprivileged actors and fought for gender equality and mostly respect for female artists.
These issues has been  multiple times voiced her through her interviews and small small donation for junior artists, journalists or film fraternity people in need. During her stay in USA she took few courses on IT sector & simultaneously participated in ACN network as an independent Business owner. She used her free time connecting with thousand of professionals from usa and abroad, traveled many cities and also got recognition on the stage at Arizona State as young leader among hundreds thousands of people.
These proves her capacity to connect and mix with diverse people and to create an impact from scratch. Upon returning from USA after her IT diploma Alisha joined many social foundations in Bangladesh but her notable work must be as general secretary of Bangladesh heritage crafts foundation, formed with 40 women, where she popularized the idea of a exhibition of local heritage products with the right media exposure and collaborating diplomates and embassies to spread the local artisan's creation beyond borders. All these exposure to focus on one issue which is to empower women in art and crafts and support local artisan to protect and flourish cultural heritage.

It is under the same company Ashbentech , the first digital tv HerNet, for women wellbeing was launched as sister concern and also HerNet  News. Right before the launch of HerNet TV , Alisha Participated Qatar Global Business Summit 2019 as young leader where she presented the profile of HerNet Tv to the international summit , to gain support and at the same time popularized the concept which would aid her in future to launch her branches for HerNet tv in foreign countries. She was also invited for an exclusive one on one panel discussion on the platform. 
Alisha has been active as a humanist and feminist , fighting for women’s right . Most notable such movement would be the “JUSTICE FOR NUSRAT” where a student was raped and blazed on fire by an old man , Alisha took the social elite influential women to the street demanding for justice, that later  made headline news in thousand of international media, where her speech got viral as well.

Other information in support of Alisha Pradhan's Leadership
Alisha Pradhan is a very positive lively person, who believes in the zen philosophy of Living in the moment. She loves to give back to people . She also spends time cultivating knowledge and talents. She reads a lot of books, mostly biography, history, politics, philosophy and human rights. She brings joy to everyone and wherever she goes, a young vibrant person with capacity to hold any kind of conversation with anyone simultaneously wearing her smile always regardless of the situation. All these statements can be proven sufficiently if we go through her social media links. She also has great talent as video editor, director and script writers. Writing goes back to her teenage life, but video editing and direction came handy when in 2014 her film director “Chashi Nazrul Islam” was diagnosed with cancer , she mastered the art of video editor. She is also known to have co scripted all her dialogue in movies and tv dramas, she co designed her costumes.
Later After the launch of HerNet TV , Alisha has conceptualized, scripted  and directed 35 of the TV Shows of HerNet
Also directed TVC, notable for Radisson Blue Dhaka 
Many fashion houses, cafe etc. Her notable work as a director would be the 6 episodes docu series on the prime minister of Bangladesh called “SHEIKH HASINA” AN INDOMITABLE JOURNEY.
This march under her leadership HerNet TV hosted many women empowering event 
And awards event where 40 leading companies were awarded for their csr role. 
She has also conceptualized a social gathering with elite society and demonstrated live 3 programs to empower women with live session to give women community supports and recognition they deserve and inspiring other privileged society to do the same.  This event is called CELEBRATING SOCIAL CAUSES .  
Recognizing youth who are serving the underprivileged. She also launched a campaigned where HerNet will provide free scholarship in notable private university, providing guarantee of internship and jobs  to meritorious underprivileged girls . Thus creating next generation female leader and young voices whose chances of being heard is slim.  Selection process is still going on. 
HerNet launched Bangladeshi first third gender reality show conceptualized and directed by Alisha Pradhan “THIRD GENDER GOT TALENT” end of 2019 with the glorious goal to migrate the minority of third gender community from street to respectable position  with suitable grooming, training and education which will be also shown as a reality show on HerNet TV.
Alisha had a panel discussion with 50 third gender members and strike a remarkable collaboration with this community which is still neglected and left behind in Bangladesh. It must also be mentioned under her leadership herNet launched Bangladeshi first talkshow on Trans gender community with first third gender woman host and producer called “In between- bridging the Gap” 
This has been possible as Alisha has always been a strong advocate for third gender/Trans Gender rights, it was proved when at  the launch of HerNet TV a cultural event was help where third gender group performed on national song, autistic community recited poem and minority group and women activist sang on stage.
It proves her deep seated love for the minority and long term plan for the underprivileged, as such cultural event with underprivileged community was never help in presence of 300 vips and top government officials and diplomates of Bangladesh at Gulshan club Dhaka 2019. In least she managed to popularized the concept of celebrating underprivileged and minority in Bangladesh.
But later due to covid the show couldn’t start and also no other organization came forward to support this unprecendented reality show to support the well-being of transgender. Currently she is scripting series of some fun edutainment series for HerNet TV. Yet Alisha says these are not even 5% of her goals, her true desire is to offer sustainable solution for millions of women, children, minority, trans gender and old age community of our country . ( ) The underlining reality is its not easy to be a young business women in Bangladesh to change the society without facing hundreds of hindrance which would have been less if she was a man, thus we believe a global recognition and support for her initiatives and causes would make a huge difference in Bangladesh and abroad. This exposure and support from your prestigious organization will make her journey to serve the community more smoother and secure at the same time.
Personal Life
Alisha is the daughter of businessperson Monir Pradhan & Businesswomen Hosna Pradhan, Her elder sister Faiza Pradhan and younger brother rayan Pradhan. She shares a close relationship with all her family member and always expressed gratitude for having a strong support system which is not so easy for women in bangladesh and thus she considerate her self priviledged and also responsible citizen. Hobbies— Piano, Golfing, horse riding, book reading, traveling, learning french etc. Alisha dreams to have HerNet Assembly in 5 years , where more than 100 countries leaders will join with 100 countries underprivileged voice and together bring change and make the world an equal just places for both gender. Bangladesh is potential progressive and developing nation under Sheikh Hasina’s leadership but still to achieve such monumental gender equality movement in a country like Bangladesh Alisha would need some  international support and recognition and courage